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How much is a solar panel?

Better Solar Power Quotes

BSPQ is the smarter, better way to get solar quotes. Use our industry knowledge and experience to choose a quality solar power system (without the hassles). Get it right the first time around, with a top installer and solar brands to suit your budget.

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Thinking about getting solar panels? Solar Brisbane? Melbourne?... Or ANYWHERE else in Australia?! We can help you get solar quotes! 5kW Solar Systems are the most popular. BSPQ is the SAFEST and SMARTEST way to get a solar system. Get solar panels on your roof quickly, without hassle and with the peace-of-mind: Knowing your solar panels are high quality. Know your system is installed by solar experts. Know the inverter you get is a good one. Our solar panel systems are for everyone. Solar panel prices are often too high - if you don't use BSPQ! The solar industry is full off rip-off artists! Charging double (or more) for the same thing! It should be illegal but it isn't. Using BSPQ means your solar system will be a good one - it will be as good as promised and it WILL meet your expectations.

How Does BSPQ Compare?

When you use our free solar quotes service, you get the power of experience on your side.

Without BSPQ

  • Research the plethora of information all over the net
  • Call installers 1 by 1 and ask for a quote
  • Unwittingly end up with conflicting information
  • Get wildly different quotes with products you don't know how to compare
  • Buy a system you hope is good for a price you trust was the right one


  • Research our impartial site and know you're in good hands
  • Fill out our easy form and let installers contact YOU
  • Understand the information you get and compare like-for-like
  • Know if your quotes are consistent with industry-standard prices
  • Buy a great quality solar system for a great price with excellent service!

About Solar Panels - Topics We Cover:

  • Solar Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart + Australia!
  • 5kW Solar Systems, 50kW Solar Systems, 100kW Solar Systems Or any size!
  • Solar Quotes
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Reviews
  • Solar Power System Information
  • Solar Panel Prices
  • Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • Solar System Sizing
  • Solar Feed In Tariffs & Solar Rebates

BSPQ Is For Everyone!

Simply by using a solar panels brokering service like ours to choose a solar system that's right for you, you could save thousands of dollars and have a far better outcome. Don't just get a 6kW solar system because your neighbour got a 5kW solar system! ;)

Commercial Solar Quotes

Thinking about getting solar panels for your business? BSPQ can get highly experienced business solar quotes to you in a hurry.

Commercial Solar

Residential Solar Quotes

Our expert network of experienced residential solar installers is waiting for you! We've helped thousands of customers already.

Residential Solar

Bulk Buying Solar Quotes

Want to start something bigger? Chat to the neighbours and use bulk-buying power to get you a better solar quote outcome.

Solar Bulk Buying

Get the best available information on the internet about the best solar panels. Solar Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart! We service all regions with solar panel quotes. Find solar panels that meet your needs. A solar system is a part of your HOME and needs to be considered carefully. Our network of solar panel installers all around Australia helps you to choose the product that's right FOR YOU! Not for some sleazy salesman! Get a solar power system with the right solar panels, the right inverter from day 1! Read our solar panel reviews, solar installer reviews and inverter reviews -- all 100% non-biased.

"BSPQ are a fantastic resource to anybody seeking to get solar quotes."

9 Benefits of Using BSPQ

CEC-accredited installers

All solar installers in our network have full CEC accreditation - so you know they are qualified to do the job.

Compare options in a few easy clicks

It's easy to get solar power quotes in just a few clicks - you'll be contacted soon and have options to compare!

Efficiency saves you time & hassles

You could spend hours contacting multiple installers in your region... Or use BSPQ and wait for the phone to ring

Get a better price by comparison

We all know you get a better price when you compare solar quotes. It's the same with almost anything you buy.

We are independent and impartial

Salesmen will say anything to get your signature - we make sure the playing field is even so you get a better deal.

Panels & inverters pass our quality check

Solar products offered through our network comply with all Australian Standards and pass all requirements.

Never pay too much

If you buy from a door-knocker, you're a sucker and probably just paid double the normal price! Compare quotes with BSPW

Use our BSPQ trust rank to assess installers

Our installer directory helps you with a carefully calculated "trust rank" based on what makes a good solar installer.

Fast solar quotes direct to you

When you fill out our solar quote form, you can expect to be contacted by up to 4 installers within 48 hours.

Some Solar Panels FAQ

Q: Are all solar panels the same? - A: NO! Not all solar panels were born equal. Read reviews on solar panels on our site.
Q: Are cheap solar panels an ok choice? - A: NO! Most cheap solar panels are cheap for a reason - they are low quality.
Q: What are the best solar panels? - A: We write regular reviews on popular solar panels. We also have a ranking system to help indicate which are the best solar panels on the Australian market.
Q: How much will my solar panels save me? - A: This is a complicated question. In most cases in Australia, solar panels will save about 75 x their kW rating per quarter (residential). E.g. a 5kW solar system would save 75 x 5 = $375 per quarter. Note: This is just an estimate!
Q: How much do solar panels cost? - A: A quick answer to this: about $1,200 per kW. But again, this is a complicated thing. Solar rebates, geographic factors, solar installers, panel types etc. all have an impact on solar panel prices.
Q: How do solar panels work? - A: Solar panels change light into energy you can use. Exactly how this is done is not simple. The savings you get from solar panels will be from both the energy you use directly and any extra energy you send to the grid.
Q: Are solar panels worth it? - A: YES! But you need to choose wisely. A good solar panel system should save you many thousands. Typically the return you get is something like 25% per year in savings! That's better than the bank.
Q: Who's the best solar installer? - A: Our solar installer directory may help you choose an installer. There are many good solar installers. Get quotes through our BSPQ network to choose from a few different solar quotes - all from what we consider to be good solar installers.
Q: Is Brisbane solar the best in Australia? - A: Brisbane solar delivers a healthy return. But many places in Australia are similar. Brisbane solar systems may see 30%+ ROI.
Q: Does BSPQ only service Brisbane? - A: Although our specialty is Brisbane solar systems, we service Australia-wide! So if you're not in Brisbane, you CAN still request quotes from our network!
Q: What solar rebates are available? - A: Solar rebates are a discount on your purchase. Usually around 30% - 40% of the total cost. It varies. In Brisbane, a typical discount on a 5kW solar system is $3,811. This may be different depending on your STC zone.

Solar System Example - 5kW Solar System Brisbane

A 5kW solar system produces about 21kWh/day in Brisbane. This is an average figure. A 5kW system in Brisbane will typically save about $400 off a household power bill. A 5kW system in Brisbane costs between $4,000 and $8,000+. Middle-of-the-road 5kW solar system pricing is around $6,000. This includes rebates for your 5kW solar system. 5kW refers to the solar system capacity. So you get 5kW worth of power. Usually you're lucky to get 4.5kW at peak production. You can fit 6kW (sometimes more) to a 5kW solar inverter. This is withing Clean Energy Regulator guidelines. A cheap 5kW solar system may produce less power and fail more quickly than a high quality system. A 5kW solar system should last 30 years or more with 1 - 2 inverter replacements in that time. A 5kW inverter may only last 10 years (or less for a cheap one). Typically 5kW solar system price depends on components, installation company and rebates.

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