5kW Solar Power System Prices

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Let’s have a look at the 5kW solar power system prices in Brisbane. Most people in Brisbane who go solar, get a 5kW system. This is because we’re pretty power hungry people. We like our swimming pools and our air cons. Of course they chew heaps of power though. This is why most people go for a 5kW system, even if their bills aren’t that high.

5kw solar power system prices Brisbane

Prices for 5kW systems in Brisbane have been coming down for years. Will it continue?

What are 5kW solar power system prices in Brisbane like at the moment?

I remember not too long ago when 5kW solar power system prices were about double what they are now. Even with the huge support from the Canberra cronies! Keeping in mind that prices change all the time… And that this is because of:

  • Floating price on rebates
  • Changes in international trade costs
  • Local supply/demand

… At the moment, you should be able to find a really good 5kW solar power system for around the $7,000 mark.

Here is a quick summary of what to expect based on where your panels and inverter come from:

  1. “no-brand” panel, Chinese Inverter – Price Guide: $4,500 – $6,000
  2. “no-brand” panel, Italian Inverter – Price Guide: $5,300 – $6,800
  3. “no-brand” panel, German Inverter – Price Guide: $5,500 – $7,200
  4. “premium” panel, Chinese Inverter – Price Guide: $5,200 – $6,900
  5. “premium” panel, Italian Inverter – Price Guide: $6,000 – $7,700
  6. “premium” panel, German Inverter – Price Guide: $6,200 – $8,100

Now, some notes on the 5kW solar power system prices above:

  • The prices here are a GUIDE only.
  • Prices indicated are for a simple install on a tin roof
  • No extra costs have been accounted for in the above prices

Where are 5kW solar power system prices moving?

I often hear people saying “the price will come down” and “I’ll wait for the price to drop some more”. At the moment, most experts say we are at the “bottom” of solar power prices. With the rebates that are available and the market from China being what it is… You’d be lucky to see a price drop in the next few years. If anything, we’ve been tipped that Si prices are on the way up!



One thought on “5kW Solar Power System Prices

  1. Tony says:

    G’day. I’m looking at Jinko, REC, and Tindo Karra panels for a 5KW system in TAS using micro inverters..
    Like everyone else, I’m totally confused by the huge array of various opinions on quality, output, reliability, warranties, and the like.
    I’m just after a quality panel backed by a decent warranty and efficiency long term, and will provide a reasonable output in low light / overcast conditions. It is TAS after all… And happy to pay a higher price for much better quality. Any suggestions or advice. I’m almost just giving up on trying to make the right choice. Cheers Tony

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