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BSPQ launched a solar panel installers directory in August, 2015 to help give consumers more transparency into the solar market and their options. In addition to this, the directory can be used by solar installers as a place to showcase some of their information, jobs they’ve completed, brands they use and testimonials.

The BSPQ solar installers directory was launched as a free service with upgrade options available to installers to enhance their visibility and offer avenues for direct acquisition of interested customers.

BSPQ Premium Directory Upgrade

Our premium directory offers some upgraded features to the FREE directory listing. With a Premium Listing you can:

  • Add images to your profile
  • Adds a click-to-call phone number to your profile
  • Adds a direct link to your website (improving SEO)
  • Get a discount on shared leads (if you have a lead account with BSPQ)

A premium directory listing is available for $397 (paid annually) OR $37 a month

Annual Premium Subscription:

Monthly Premium Subscription:

BSPQ Ultimate Directory Upgrade

Our Ultimate directory offers everything mentioned in the above premium directory and also:

  • A direct enquiry form – you pay nothing for leads sent through this direct form
  • No “comparison” enquiry form on your profile page
  • Other installers in your region are not displayed on your profile page
  • Unlimited addition of testimonials on your profile page
  • The ability to add a special case study to your page
  • A contextual backlink with any keyword you want to rank for
  • Unlimited (reasonable use) images can be added to your profile page
  • No other advertisements are shown on the page

An Ultimate directory listing is available for $737 (paid annually) OR $67 a month

Annual Ultimate Subscription:

Monthly Ultimate Subscription:

BSPQ Trust Rank

Our BSPQ trust rank has been formulated carefully to help get a clear picture of how “trustworthy” solar installers are (based on what we know about them). Of course it is a difficult task to produce a rank for each and every installer in Australia. You can read more about our trust rank here.

Improving your trust rank (for installers)

There are some easy ways to improve your BSPQ Trust Rank. Among them are:

  • Get more 5 star customer reviews on Facebook and Google
  • Make sure you have a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter presence
  • Update your information with us (visit here for an update form)

Trusted BSPQ Installers

A Trusted BSPQ Installer is a solar panel installer that we have rated as more than 6.5/10. This is not necessarily an accurate representation of how trustworthy an installer is, but we think it’s a good start. You should always do a Google search for <company name> reviews to make sure the installer you choose has done right by their customers.

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