JFY Inverter Review

How does the JFY inverter stack up against the rest?

Well so far, we’ve had a look at many different inverters including SMA, Aurora, CMS and Growatt. JFY is another Chinese inverter manufacturer. The big point to notice about this company though is it’s history as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) company. This is a HUGE bonus. A company with background expertise in UPS systems must make a pretty decent inverter… Right? By the way, JFY is also known as Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech.Co.,Ltd. which is the name it uses under it’s CEC accredited inverter listing.

UPDATE: May 2016 – Our dealings with JFY to date have revealed that their business practice is not fantastic. Not only have we had many customer’s complain about inverter failures, but JFY have been extremely difficult to deal with. We placed an order for goods, JFY accepted. After money was sent they said they couldn’t fulfill the order. Instead they offered other products we weren’t wanting. So they gave a refund, but deducted hundreds for “bank fees”. We will never deal with JFY inverters again.

The JFY Factory in China

This picture shows the JFY (Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech) Factory in China.

The JFY Inverter Range

OK so if you go and look at this JFY website here you’ll see that it doesn’t look very high tech. I mean, to be quite frank… It looks shit-house. It does, however, give you an overview of their range. The official JFY inverter and UPS website is here and gives you a much better experience.

The JFY inverter range includes:

  • The single-string JSI series (JSI-1500TL, JSI-2000TL, JSI-3000TL, JSI-5000TL & JSI-6000TL)
  • The dual-string SUNTWINS series (SUNTWINS 3300TL, SUNTWINS 4000TL & SUNTWINS 5000TL)
  • The 3 phase SUNTREE series (SUNTREE-5000TL, SUNTREE-6000TL, SUNTREE-8000TL, SUNTREE-10000TL & SUNTREE-12000TL)

Pretty simple right?

Suntree JFY Inverter

Here is the 3 phase SUNTREE JFY inverter.

The Good Things About JFY

JFY is a reasonably large company and more experienced one than some of the other Chinese inverter garbage out there. They have a solid background in electrical product manufacturing they have been in business since 2003.

The JFY inverter that you buy gives you:

  • Reasonable efficiency, proven as one of the best Chinese products available
  • Fair performance (they are a good, sturdy product and not highly likely to fail)
  • A cheaper alternative to many other inverter brands

Of course, you do get the odd inverter failure which JFY will replace under their 5 year warranty policy. This has happened too often recently in my experience and the process for replacement is always a hassle. I’m very impressed by the JFY inverter range, but they don’t quite cut the cheese in terms of service.

Did you know that the JFY SUNTWINS 5000TL inverter allows up to 6,580W of solar panels on the input? This is ok to do under the CEC guidelines on this machine.

JFY Solar Dog Monitor Review

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What’s Not Great About The JFY Inverter?

OK so JFY is a good experienced company with a pretty decent product, so what are the drawbacks?

  • No office in Australia
  • Not as good as the SMA
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor business practices

That’s about it to be honest. If you want a half-decent solar inverter that does the job, without the hefty price tag, I’d consider JFY as a possible contender.


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5 thoughts on “JFY Inverter Review

  1. Matthew says:

    Mine just died so the electrician got a replacement in about a month so that’s ok it was 2 years old, think when I get a bit more money I will buy a better brand one as this one maybe only last as long as the other, we’ll see.

  2. Stephen says:

    I live in Melbourne Australia and I have had my Solar system installed in my house since 2012. In 2014 my solar inverter failed and I contacted JFY. This inverter was replaced with a new unit and a further 5yr warranty.
    In 2016, my inverter failed again. It took me 3months to get a replacement unit and now I find out the replacement unit is a refurbished unit. I contacted JFY in Aus and they told me they are subcontractors who deal with warranty issues only. The subcontractor told me that JFY replace solar inverters in Aus with refurbished units since 2014 and as it is a refurbished unit, the original warranty still applies, no new warranty. This is not a good practice and make you wonder if this is all worth the worry. Possibly worth originally purchasing another make with better warranty policy to make your life easier.

  3. Peter Olsen says:

    Had an installer fit the JFY invertor under 2 years ago, I have had to constantly reset the unit, My installer now tells me it needs replacement as it is dead, he told me that JFY would contact me as JFY now send out their own techs, I have not had a call so I rang him back got their details and called
    them, what an experience, really hard to understand the woman on the phone,
    I explained the situation for her to then tell me we are to far way so they will not send a tech, they will however send a replacement unit with TNT, I explained that my wife and I work long hrs and TNT will require a signature before leaving anything these days, so I asked if this could be sent to my work address, flatly NO cant be done, I was then told that the norm is 1 month before a replacement unit would be sent, and to contact my installer to refit it, The answer is I still do know how this will get replaced and I suggest anyone looking at this product have a bloody good long think about it before purchasing their products, after having imported many products from Chinese companies through my business I have found this be pretty standard, take your money and you want What- Warranty and Service, they do not know the meaning of these words ,

  4. Peter Libretto says:

    As an installer, I regrettably installed a replacement JFY, within 6 months it failed, then comes the nightmare…..ringing the service centre, you are greeted by a woman who clearly knows nothing about customer care or service, told me a replacement would be impossible as they are out of stock, its been 3 weeks now and she claims it could be another month!
    I don’t hold any hopes of getting one, anyone reading this, please do yourself a huge favour and avoid this company, their inferior products and their non existent warranty.

  5. Simon van Coevorden says:

    I have 3 JFY 1500tl inverters at my house ,installed in 2012 so far 2 have failed !
    The installer Fourie industries in Perth have been Great & supportive !
    Have just applied for the senond replacement but have been advised that I could be in for some hassle !
    Will post the results .

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