Risen Solar Panels Review

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Risen solar panels have big potential. They got #2 in Photon 2013 which is extremely. Only a fraction of a percentage off the top panel from Sopray. Risen Energy seems like a really pro company. They seem to have a decent English translator, which is more than can be said for 90% of Chinese solar companies. The Risen website looks professional and clean. The company has been around since ’02 which is a plus. that’s 12 years in business now.

Risen solar panels office Entrance

At the Risen Energy facility in China, some directions on where to go.

What’s Good About Risen Solar Panels?

Well for a start, they got 2 panels ranked within the top 6 panels in the Photon Test 2013! That is a pretty darn fancy achievement. The company itself seems pretty legit. I reckon any Chinese solar panel maker that has a pro looking website has half a chance of being decent. The fact that Risen Energy are committed to getting their panels tested in Photon is a good thing too.

  • They are one of the top performing solar panels in Photon
  • They have been around for quite a long time
  • They are a diverse company with a lighting division as well
Risen solar panels installation

Risen Energy make one of the top performing panels in Photon.

What’s Not Great About Risen Solar Panels?

Now don’t get me wrong. Risen solar panels seem to be made by A-Class solar dudes. But they aren’t the best thing out there by a long shot. I mean, the panel isn’t that bad at performance, we know that. But the warranties are the same as every other man and his dog. This always puts doubt in my mind. I mean if a panel like SERAPHIM can get a 30 year warranty then why can’t these guys get it?

All in all, Risen Energy make a pretty good solar panel, but there are other panels which are just as good. I would rather go with Phono Solar , RENESOLA or Sunlink – and they aren’t usually too high a price.


One thought on “Risen Solar Panels Review

  1. Mike Finn says:

    Risen Energy have provided superior customer service and the Photon test results for August 2014 show Risen hold 2 places in the top 10 still.

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