SMA Sunny View Monitor Review

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The SMA Sunny View is SMA’s (discontinued) desktop solar monitor. It superceded the SMA Sunny Beam and shines a fresh new light on home monitoring for solar systems. We know SMA make good stuff. Their inverters are good, and all of their products are carefully designed to make sure they work seamlessly. The Sunny View is no exception to the rule.

sma sunny view monitor on wall


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SMA Sunny View – What Is It?

The SMA Sunny View monitor is a little unit you can sit in your house which shows what your inverter has produced. It’s brilliant for error detection and making sure your SMA solar power system is producing as much power as it should!

Now, it does the same job as JFY’s solar dog or Growatt’s shine vision monitor… But! SMA know how to make things look reaaally nice and how to make products extremely well with their precise, German engineers.

sma sunny view monitor touch screen

The Sunny View is extremely simple to use and shows your inverter data beautifully.

SMA Sunny View – The Good

This SMA Sunny View unit helps give you what’s missing! It’s a brilliant idea to know how well your solar is doing and who’s honestly going to check their inverter every day/week…month? for problems. Here are the good points about the sunny view:

  1. It looks freaking beautiful… Forgive me for getting a bit nerdy but this thing looks nice. It’s like the mercedes benz of solar monitors (and German too).
  2. It gives you all the information you could need about your solar
  3. A touchscreen – good call engineers… This thing is smooth
  4. It’s got social integration! That’s right, throw that iPhone in the bin! With Facebook covered by your sunny view solar monitor, your smartphone is (almost) completely obsolete.
  5. The 5″ screen is just about the right size
  6. It’s super-easy to setup
sma sunny view screen

One of the customisable screens available with the Sunny View.

SMA Sunny View – The Bad

OK well nobody’s perfect right? The SMA Sunny View can’t make your morning coffee and it’s not quite the ultimate monitoring machine. Here are a couple of points worth mentioning:

  1. A pity it doesn’t monitor consumption as well – this could give some really awesome differentiation between other solar monitors and honestly wouldn’t be that hard to implement.
  2. The price tag is a little high – After having forked out the extra dosh for your sunny boy or tripower inverter, you don’t get much relief when going for this nice little monitor.

SMA Sunny View Monitor Review Summary

All in all the Sunny View monitor has a lot to offer and SMA always do a fantastic job with their products. It’s definitely worth having some form of monitoring setup to make sure you aren’t missing out on big savings in case your solar isn’t working properly. My only gripe with SMA is that they do come at a pretty high cost.

Sunny View UserManual

Sunny View Datasheet

Here is the official SMA Sunny View page with downloads etc.

sma-sunny-view-1Want to buy an SMA Sunny View monitor?

Click “Add To Cart” below and get one now for $527 including FREE fast shipping within Australia.


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