Solar Reviews

Do you want unbiased, independent solar reviews? Well you’re in the right place. Our solar reviews focus on the best and worst solar panels, solar inverters, installers, monitoring gear and more.

Here are some solar reviews we have done which look at inverters

Solar Reviews on inverters like SMA

Here is an SMA inverter which we have reviewed in the past.

We have reviewed a bunch of inverters that are used in Brissy and around Aus. Chinese inverters, Italian inverters and German inverters. We are always looking for more interesting products to review. At the moment our reviews are based on product features, independent test performance and company background.

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Here are some solar reviews we have done which look at panels

Solar Reviews on Panels

We do reviews on all the top solar panel brands to give you our take on what they’re like.

Some of our solar panel reviews are listed below. This gives you an overview of what we think of some of the major brands in the solar game today.

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Here are some solar reviews looking at monitoring equipment

Monitoring systems are not always included when you buy solar. It’s important though that the monitoring system you get (if you get one) does it’s job properly and without driving you insane.

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Here are some reviews on energy retailers in Brisbane

We have also started writing reviews on energy retailers available in Brisbane. This should give customers who have solar or want to get solar an idea of what deals they can get from their power retailer.

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Where are the solar installer reviews?

We’ve recently started reviewing some of the biggest solar installers in Australia. Take a look at what we make of them. So far, we’ve reviewed:

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Why do BSPQ do solar reviews?

Our focus is to help customers get what they want. We give you our take on solar equipment and installers, so that you can make a decision, knowing what we think. We don’t get any kick-backs by doing solar reviews. It’s just what we think. This means that you can at least be assured that we don’t try to push any particular solar brands over others. We do make recommendations on certain inverters, based on our opinions.


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