Solax Inverter Review

Solax inverters have been gaining popularity lately. Mostly due to the fact that everyone is fast becoming obsessed with solar battery systems such as Tesla’s Powerwall. Solax have hit the market exactly where it’s sitting. And they have a good product. This Solax inverter review will take a look at what products the company have to offer and whether they live up to expectations.

Solax Inverter Review – Company Background

Solax Power is also known as Zhejiang Ailuo Power Co.,Ltd. They are a Chinese power electronics company specialising in grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid inverters. It’s unclear when the company started but it seems they are quite new to the scene. Their domain ( has been registered since August 16, 2013.

So overall Solax seems like a pretty fresh company, but their products reflect a modern edge that most Chinese inverter companies can’t achieve.

Solax Inverter Review - Product Range

Solax Inverter Review – The Good

Solax inverters are everything you want in an inverter. Well-priced, good looking, efficient, reliable, their range is fantastic and they’ve thought about monitoring. They virtually have it all. The Solax website is clear and well-built. They have internal monitoring via WiFi and even load control functionality! They even have an export control function which is becoming something of importance these days. Here are some benefits of the Solax inverter:

  • Built in monitoring
  • Flexible product range (including hybrid/battery solutions)
  • Australian hotline 1300 476529
  • Clean look, well designed product
  • Simple warranty/after-sales service
Solax X1 Series Inverter

Here is a standard X1 inverter by Solax

Solax Inverter Review – The Not So Good

So what’s not to love about the Solax? Well firstly they seem like quite a new company – it doesn’t look as though the Solax is a proven product yet and is still to build it’s reputation of reliability. The company photos are 3d generated and not a lot of company background is provided on their site. The product range, although adequate is not as clear-cut as it could be and the products themselves are somewhat hard to differentiate.

The other big bad thing I noticed… There is no physical address listed anywhere on their website. Making them something of a “phantom”. This is never a great sign in the longer-term if you want your warranties to stay intact.

Solax Inverter Review - Installation

Here is a Solax inverter mounted on a wall.

Solax Inverter Review – Summary

Overall Solax inverters seem like a good product built by a determined company. The Solax branding is fantastic, their website is miles ahead of most Chinese inverter websites and the products that they offer hit the market very well. I’d be very tempted to try out a Solax inverter to see just how well they perform and what their monitoring/storage capabilities involve.

Solax Hybrid Inverter

This is what the hybrid Solax inverters look like

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12 thoughts on “Solax Inverter Review

  1. Brodie Perkins says:

    Very average solar inverter with endless list of issues. We are happy to see the end of these inverters in Australia.

    • Allan says:

      Brodie Perkins
      I agree with your comments ,
      My next step with the company that fitted my system and my self is to go to consumers protection and expose this companies .Solax
      Up till now I have been told this is the first time this has happened, my research shows different

  2. Don McLay says:


  3. BRUCE HELLYER says:

    My Solax hybrid system was installed 3 months ago, and performing very well from day 1. No problems so far.

  4. Allan says:

    Solax address is unit 3/16-21 Huntingdale Rd.Burwood Victoria. 3225 Lyren seems to be the manager.
    My Solax X1Series 3.0kw was fitted 1st.December 2016
    it appeared to be running ok . The 1st of February the daily reading stopped indicating kwph 0000.prior to this it was registering on an average 25kwph.The company that fitted panels and inverter was contacted they requested I phone mr. Lyren direct.after following instructions over the phone with him , going through the Inverter program he stated the inverter was out of date and needed an up date.I received a sim card in the mail to enable me to carry out the up date.I am not qualified to carry out this up date and considered this to be the company that fitted my solar system or solax.responsibility, have spoken with the company manager that fitted the system he also has no luck with after sales or follow up help ,the unit is still not working and no help what so ever from Solex.I would not recommend any thing to do with Solax as there is no after sales sevice, no communications from Solax and it appears there is no technicians to fix the problems

  5. Allan says:

    oops the post code should read 3125 sorry

  6. Allan says:

    This may be of some help ,
    Lyren seems to be the manager in Australia
    best of luck

  7. Sam says:

    I have a solax X1 LX… after 17mths,, all is good..
    Panel efficiency has dropped by 10% but thats to be expected especially in far Nth QLD..however,,, ive had my inverter mounted inside the home as im at Bingil Bay in the wet tropics…

  8. Darrell Beange says:

    I am in Victoria and have only asked the Solax people about their product I am getting Solar but know next to nothing about the products and am confused by the info they require and what I ultimately need. I need clear info
    Any thoughts

  9. NILO says:

    could u pls recommend me a dealer o seller in the philippines which offer affordable price for solax inverter thanks for any reply

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