SUNLINK Solar Panels Review

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SUNLINK solar panels are quite a popular brand in Aus. Besides being one of the better Chinese solar panels, SUNLINK have a pretty impressive history… Here’s why.

sunlink solar panels factory

Here is the SUNLINK PV factory in China.

SUNLINK Solar Panels History

Sunlink was founded in 2004 and is now one of the larger solar panel makers in the world. Sunlink are a “tier 1” solar panel and they certainly make it known on their Sunlink Australia website. The company has a strong focus on PV (solar power panels). They have a variety of panels up to 300W in power output. The most common panel you’ll see around Aus right now (2014) is the 250W Sunlink solar panel.

SunLink PV Technology Co.LTD, a company based in Jiangsu China is the sole manufacturer of Sunlink solar panels. The company’s module production capacity is 200MW, a relatively small capacity. However, when you take into account the current falling prices of solar modules that is making many companies close, its continued presence in the solar market and brand leadership is because of the quality and reliability of its solar panels.

SunLink PV was founded in 2004 and since then, the company has almost monopolized the manufacture and sale of solar panels within the ranges of 5W to 300W.  These panels are both polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. They have IEC61730, IEC61215 Ed.2, and UL1703 certificates of quality.

The SUNLINK product range

Like many other manufacturers of solar panels, Sunlink solar panels are Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline. The company sells five types of mono silicon panels that have a 25-year power output warranty closely monitored by international certification and quality management systems. The power ranges of these solar panels are between 110 to 280 Watts.

sunlink solar panels in new york

Here is a sunlink PV solar panel installation in New York.

Sunlink’s 250 Watt panels, quality at affordable rates

Sunlink’s 250 watt solar panels are one of the best and cheapest solar panels available on the market currently without compromising quality. These 250W SunLink solar panels:

  • Have stable and high conversion efficiency that has been proven in the production span of over 8 years, making them a mark of quality laden with loads of professional experience.
  • They are highly reliable with a  guaranteed 0–+3% power output tolerance
  • The product also boasts the use of highly proven materials like a strong anodized aluminum frame and tempered front glass that allow the solar panels to operate unfailingly in compound configurations.
  • When you combine their attractive appearance and high efficiency, you get a sum total of quality, safety and total care packaged in the product.
  • Good results in the Photon test 2012 and 2013
sunlink solar panels installation

Here is another example of sunlink solar panels installed covering a shed.


SUNLINK Solar Panels – Any downsides?

Not many! These panels are high quality mono and poly crystalline solar panels of the highest efficiency that keep in tune with the advanced technological levels in the PV industry. The company on its part is constantly pushing boundaries in order to meet customer expectation. What more do you expect from them? The most reliable excellent solar cells with the best solar energy output.

OK, their independent test results aren’t astounding but they’re pretty damn good. Sunlink got #44 in the 2012 Photon Test and #22 in 2013 for the same module!

Review Summary – What We Think

SUNLINK are a great company and make a pretty awesome panel. They have been around long enough to be a “proven” brand and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t knock their prices up soon.

Visit the official Australian SUNLINK website here

sunlink solar panels logo

Here is the Sunlink PV company logo. Not to be confused with Sunlink solar racking.






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