How To Get Sydney Solar Quotes From Local Installers

This video is a promotional video by Everlasting Energy showing a customer system they’ve installed recently.

Here’s our quick commentary on this “Sydney Solar Quotes” video

First of all, a 10kW solar system is going to be overkill in most situations. Since there is virtually no feed in tariff available, any excess power produced is a complete waste! Secondly, almost no residential home would ever have a peak load of 10kW. That’s a big electrical load. Not only that, but in most cases, a 10kW system would require a 3 phase supply. I’m not sure about this particular case since the video doesn’t go into this.

In regards to the energy savings measures that this customer is receiving:

  • 10kW solar panel system sydney – most probably over-sized
  • Hot water heat pump – A great way to use hot water
  • Solar pool pump – Brilliant for efficiency & reducing power bills
  • LED lights – The price of these is dropping every month and you save up to 80% on energy costs

So clearly, as far as Sydney solar quotes go, this customer may have wanted to get some other solar quotes to compare. It looks like the customer has gone “all-out” to use every possible measure of savings there is to deliver savings.

Sydney Solar Quotes

Here is a very steep pitched solar panels installation in Sydney.

Will this Sydney Solar Quotes Customer have a zero power bill?

This is very unlikely. Although the video states that the objective is to reduce the bill as much as possible and not to eliminate it altogether. It does look like they’ve done a great job in reducing energy use as much as possible.

What could they have done better?

This customer could have done any of these things which would have most likely improved their outcomes:

  • Gotten several Sydney Solar Quotes
  • Considered other possible orientations for the panels – OK so this customer might not have an East-West roofline. But, if it’s NE/SW, it might still be worth splitting the solar panels! This helps to spread the solar production throughout the day – which means more power is used. Therefore less power is “wasted” being sent to the grid.
  • Considered a smaller system – without knowing the details it’s a little hard. Generally though people are better off sticking to a 5kW inverter or less and getting the most panels possible.

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