WINAICO Solar Panels Review

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WINAICO solar panels… I remember the first time I heard of this panel. No one had heard of it. Of course I know better than to think that would mean they’re a bad panel. In fact the truth is quite the opposite.

Update (August, 2015): WINAICO solar panels have recently been classified as “tier 1” by Bloomberg. What does this mean? Not a whole lot in terms of the quality and reliability of the panel. But it means that finance companies are more likely to back them.

WINAICO are a fantastic solar panel! Extremely under-rated? Yes but they are great. WINAICO solar panels are made by “Win Win Precision Technology” in Taiwan. WWPT is a semiconductor company which seized the opportunity to be a market leader in PV (solar). They make an extremely good solar panel.

WINAICO solar panels

This is a “quantum” panel from WINAICO. They make some good stuff.

WINAICO Solar Panels Review – Why would you get WINAICO solar panels?

There are loads of good selling points that WINAICO solar panels have which you just can’t get from most others. Here are a few reasons that WINAICO stand out from the crowd:

They are an awesome panel and clearly put a lot of effort into their products.

WINAICO linear warranty

WINAICO also offers a “linear” warranty on their panels as you can see.

WINAICO Solar Panels Review – Why wouldn’t you get WINAICO solar panels?

WINAICO is not a company most people have heard of. They aren’t new to the game but not as old as some. As far as panel quality goes you can’t get much better… So what’s not to love?

  • They are not cheap! You could pay as much as $2,000 more for a 5kW system.
  • Strictly speaking they are made in Taiwan. If you have an issue with that then maybe it’s not so great.

Nothing much else is wrong with WINAICO. They are on top of the game in performance and quality. They have cutting edge panels. WINAICO are always looking at the next step in solar power.

WINAICO solar panels factory

A quality control factory worker at the WINAICO production line in Taiwan.

WINAICO Solar Panels Review – So how good are WINAICO panels?

WINAICO make a really good solar panel. They are up there with the likes or REC, SERAPHIM and other top solar panels. Are they worth the extra dollars? Well quite frankly, the price is a little high for most in the market. But for people wanting a premium system where money isn’t a huge barrier, WINAICO is the ticket.

Download The WINAICO Solar Panels Datasheet (WST_P6)

Here is a video about WINAICO panels

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