ZN SHINE Solar Panels Review

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Ahh ZN Shine. Actually they aren’t around as much as they used to be. Mostly, it seems, because of some legal complications with importing the panels to Aus. Anyway, whatever the reason, they do pop up every now and again and they are certainly not a bad panel.

There are a number of different panels from ZN SHINE that are sold throughout Brisbane. Basically you’ve got your standard poly panels… And you’ve got your mono “stingray” panels. There are others as well of coarse. Like most panel makers, ZN SHINE have a pretty big range of products.

zn shine solar panels factory

The ZN SHINE solar panels factory in China

ZN SHINE Solar Panels – The Company

ZN Shine Solar Panels are made by ZNSHINE PV-Tech Co., Ltd. The parent company is BRIGHTMAX and has been around since the beginning of time (1988) – although the solar division has only been around since 2007. As a company ZN SHINE do well to show what they are – a Chinese solar company. It’s clear what they do and what they are focused on – solar panels. ZN Shine Solar Panels are pretty damn good.

ZN SHINE solar panels CEO William Wang

ZN SHINE solar panels CEO William Wang

Although they haven’t quite proven their worth in any independent tests I’m aware of. I mean, they placed #23 overall in Photon 2012 (higher than REC) and in Photon 2013 they were nowhere to be seen. Renew did some tests a while back which placed ZN SHINE panels quite high among some others but the scope was pretty limited. Here is the PDF document from Renew. They test the following panels:

  • Sanyo HIT
  • Trina
  • Tianneng
  • LDK
  • Solarfun
  • Lightway
  • ZN SHINE Stingray panels

The ZN SHINE panels do really well.

Good Things About ZN SHINE Panels

There are plenty of reasons to buy ZN SHINE solar panels. They are a pretty good company and have pretty good performance, pricing and their warranties are decent.

  • ZN SHINE is an established company with good success in the industry so far
  • Their range of panels stands out – the “stingray” solar panel by ZN SHINE is a unique panel with better warranties than most panels and slower degradation.
  • They have been used in thousands of installations already across Australia
  • Low cost
  • Good warranties backed by Powerguard
  • Vertically integrated company

What’s Not So Great About ZN SHINE Panels?

OK so they are not a bad panel, especially the “stingray”, right? Well that’s true but they aren’t AWESOME either…

  • Made in China (if that matters to you)
  • Limited independent tests to verify performance
  • Limited availability in Aus
  • Limited product range & company history

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5 thoughts on “ZN SHINE Solar Panels Review

  1. michael says:

    ZNShine Solar Panels
    After 3 1/2 years from installation of our residential electrical solar system two of the eight 195 watt solar panels have failed and deemed unrepairable.
    Following many attempts to have the two solar panels replaced under warranty and being advised the installer has become bankrupt, the only avenue left was to approach the manufacturer (ZNShine, China) to replace the two faulty solar panels.
    Following numerous requests and emails to ZNShine China in we have not had one response, this flies in the face of the statement on the ZNShine web page. “fairness & trust” .
    The Ombudsman, ACCC and Consumer Affairs have advised us that ZNShine in China being an overseas company cannot be pressured into upholding warranties.
    I would suggest that ZNShine should not be allowed to import their products into Australia if they cannot uphold warranties on their products..

    Melbourne, Australia

    • Stephen Sewell says:

      I have also had problems,. 2 panels have failed and no response from znshine.A friend had 16 panels fail with the same outcome.I am not happy with the authorities who allow companies to sell there products offering 25 year warranty with no intention of honouring there guarantee.

  2. Steve Ackland says:

    I have the 275 Watt Poly panels ( 24 of them ) my friend next door has 24 Q-Cell and my Panels have been out performing his every day .

    Worth every penny!!

  3. Graham says:

    Hi, Are these panels still working ok. Looking at getting some.

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